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Acco Bike and Car Insurance Now car and bike insurance has become very easy. That way you can easily insure your vehicles using the newly launched Acco Insurance mobile app in India. If there is any repair in your vehicle after taking out the insurance, you can easily claim the insurance.

Acko Bike and Car Insurance
Acko Bike and Car Insurance

About the Acko Insurance app

App NameAcko Insurance
User Rating4.5

Acko Insurance Review

When asked about the users of the Acco Insurance mobile app, they say that it is more useful than other insurance companies. They say we can insure at a very low price and we have a lot of benefits. Claims are usually very difficult with other insurance companies, but with Acco Insurance they say it is not a problem

Acko Mobile Insurance

Usually, we have to contact some petrol station or insurance agent to insure our vehicles. Now you can get insurance easily using the Acco Mobile Insurance app. Additionally, the insurer has to pay only the amount and nothing like service charges.

Benefits of Acko Insurance

  • You can get insurance through the Acko Mobile App.
  • Making an insurance claim is very easy.
  • 15% to 20% cheaper compared to other insurance companies.
  • There are plenty of service centers to check the cart in case of any repairs to the cart.
  • People from the insurance company will take the vehicle directly service it and return it to you.
  • If not claimed within the specified days they will pay for the daily transportation expenses.
  • You can easily make a claim using a mobile app for certain areas that occur in vehicles.

How to Install the Acko Insurance App

You can use the Acko app to insure your bike and car. Also, install the Acko App according to the details below.

  • Search for Acko Insurance in the Google Play Store and install it
  • Next, enter your mobile number and perform OTP Verification.
  • Enter your vehicle number and verify.

Acko Bike Insurance

You can insure your bike at a very low price using the Acko app. The insurance premium is 10% to 20% lower compared to other insurance companies. Plus you can Insurance your vehicle as if you were at home and claim it.

How to Apply for Acko Bike Insurance

You can insure your bike by following the rules below.

  • Enter your bike number first
  • Next, select your bike model
  • Choose how many years of insurance you need (The insurance premium will vary according to the year)
  • Enter the bike engine and chassis number
  • Next, enter your details clearly
  • Next, pay the insurance amount online
  • Finally, download the bike insurance copy

Acoko Car Insurance

Now you can get quality insurance for your cars at very low prices. By insuring your cars using the Acko Insurance app you can insure 15% to 20% less than any other insurance company.

How to Apply for Acko Car Insurance

You can insure your car with the Acko App by following the steps below.

  • Enter your Car number first
  • Next, select your car model
  • Choose the year of insurance
  • Next, give the Car engine number and case number
  • Enter your details correctly
  • Next, pay the insurance fee online
  • Finally, download the car insurance copy

Acko Insurance Customer Care

If you need any help you can call this toll-free number 1800 266 2256

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