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E Sadhana Portal Women and children, in general, suffer from a few problems that can occur in society. All the state governments taking various initiatives for this. Currently, the Andhra and Telangana governments have created the E Sadhana Portal exclusively. It may come under the Ministry of Women Development and Child Welfare Development. This will enable women and children to access a wide range of government services. The government calls on all women children and senior citizens to benefit from this program. And we have made it clear in the article below about these e-Sadhana Portals. So friends, after reading the entire article, you can register on this portal.

E Sadhana Portal
E Sadhana Portal

E Sadhana Portal

The most vulnerable in our society are women and children. In addition, the respective state and Central governments are taking some initiatives to protect children and women. However, the Andhra Pradesh and Telangana governments have now created a portal called e-Sadhana exclusively for the protection of women and children. This will provide government assistance and protection to women and children in their respective states. It is the duty and security of the residents of the respective state to register on this portal.

E Sadhana Anganwadi

Anganwadi is an exclusive online accessibility facility for pregnant women and newborns. This will enable the woman to get the medical assistance she needs during pregnancy and the allowance for the child after the birth of the child. You can apply online for this. The website belongs to the respective state.

What service does the E Sadhana Portal provide?

  • ESadhana login
  • Abhiyan
  • Poshan
  • Abhiyan
  • AWW/AWH recruitment system
  • Web MPR.

Andhra Pradesh Management Information System

Log in to the Management Information System to get the necessary rights for women and children living in Andhra Pradesh.  We have given the details to log in at the bottom of this article.

Telangana Management Information System

All women, children, and senior citizens residing in the State of Telangana can easily complete the service by logging in through the Management Information System. In this article, we have given more details about the login

E Sadhana Service Provided to Andhra Pradesh

The following services will be provided to women and children in Andhra Pradesh through the E Sadhana portal.

  • MIS Management Information System
  • Supplier Egg Tracking System
  • CAS Common Application Software
  • Abhiyaan Dashboard POSHAN
  • Rapid Reporting System
  • Recruitment System AWW and AWW
  • AWC Monitoring Tool
  • Kishori Vikas Dashboard
  • Milk Supply Tracking System

E Sadhana Service Provided to Telangana

The following service is to be provided to the State of Telangana through the E Sadhana Portal.

  • m- Anganwadi
  • AASR Anganwadi Information System
  • Guidelines and Memos
  • Web-based MPR system
  • Online FCR
  • Commodity Supply Tracking System
  • AWTC Online Reporting System
  • Commodity Supply Chain Management System
  • Expenditure and Budget Monitoring System
  • AASR Anganwadi Information System

E Sadhana Login

A separate official website for the states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana for logging in through the E Sadhna Portal has been launched on behalf of the Government. Those who wish to avail benefit of this portal will benefit by using the official website of the respective state.

E Sadhana Andhra Pradesh Login

How to log in www.wdcw.ap.gov.in?

  • Visit the official website wdcw.ap.gov.in.
  • Currently, click on the “Management Information System(MIS)” option.
  • The mis.wdcw.ap.gov.in website is now open.
  • Now enter the E Sadhana User ID and Password.
  • Enter the captcha in the Security Pin field
  • Click on the green Colour Login Button.

E Sadhana Telangana Login

How to log in www.wdcw.tg.nic.in?

  • Visit the official website wdcw.tg.nic.in.
  • Currently, click on the “Web-based MPR System (GOI))” option.
  • Currently, www.icds.wcd.nic.in is open.
  • See log in to MIS MIS on the right.
  • Enter username and password.
  • Look at the captcha image in the picture and type.
  • Click the Sign In option

Telangana E Sadhana Contact Number

Residents of Telangana can call the toll-free number 0291-2433623 if they have any queries regarding E Sadhana.

Andhra Pradesh E Sadhana Contact Number

Residents of Andhra Pradesh can call the toll-free number 9000279613 if they have any queries regarding the E Sadhana Portal.

About the E Sadhana

NameE Sadhana
PurposeFor the benefit of women and children
DeveloperWomen Development and Child Welfare Development
StateAndhra Pradesh and Telangana
Is this the GovernmentYes
E Sadhana APClick here
E Sadhana TGClick here

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