Whatsbox App Download | Track Whatsapp Using Whatsbox APK

Whatsbox App Download is a free and best app that helps you to track and monitor your friends and relatives on WhatsApp. This app allows you to share photos, videos, locations, stories, and many more things with your family members for free. You can also see all the unknown numbers of people who are not on your contact list. With this app, it is easy for you to know whether someone has read the messages or not.

Whatsbox App Download
Whatsbox App Download

Whatsbox App Download

Whatsbox is a tracking app that tracks the text messages of all your contacts. You can know who sends them and when they were sent. It also automatically replies to any incoming messages from the contact, making sure that you have a clear idea of where the conversation is going. Whatsbox has a very simple interface, with two tabs in the navigation drawer – people and messages.

Whatsbox APK Features

The Whatsbox is a simple and fast way to track WhatsApp chat status and read messages. Users can also hide their last seen and online time with ease. Whatsbox notifies users when someone sends a new message, but can’t read it because the user is offline. Whatsbox offers the ability to chat with your contacts from any device by syncing chats on different devices. Finally, Whatsbox has a built-in keyboard that does not require an internet connection, so there’s nothing to worry about if you’re out of service range.

How to Install Whatsbox App

Whatsbox is a 3rd party application that is an alternative to the official WhatsApp app. Whatsbox has all the features of WhatsApp, but with additional features, such as sending multiple images/videos at once, recording video calls, etc. The user also has access to different themes for their app’s interface.

How to Track a WhatsApp Using Whatsbox

Whatsbox provides you with your friend’s location in real-time for free. You can also see the time when they were active and the number of times they have changed their location. The application is not very accurate but it will give you a good idea of where your friends are.

The Best Feature of WhatsBox

The best feature of WhatsBox is the ability to remotely access and track all recent WhatsApp messages from any device you’re logged into. This way, you can see what your partner may be up to during the day, or simply catch up on their conversations while they’re out of reach.

Whatsapp Tracking

Whatsbox is tracking software that can be installed on any smartphone. It will send you alerts when the person whose phone you are tracking makes or receives calls, sends, or receives text messages. You can also see where they are located on a map. This is the best app for tracking a teenager.

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