How to Book TTD Electronic Dip | Tirupati Suprabhatam Seva Ticket Online

TTD Suprabhatam Seva Ticket Booking
TTD Suprabhatam Seva Ticket Booking

TTD Electronic Lucky dip, TTD suprabhatam Seva Ticket Online Booking, Tirupati Balaji Suprabatham Ticket Online Registration.

It is customary to visit Tirupati Balaji for free and for a special entry Darshan. Most pilgrims desire to visit Balaji at Suprabatham. We can book this Suprabatham ticket online. For this, TTD Devasthanam has given a facility called electronic dip on the internet. We can even call this Lucky Dips. This article also has details on how to book a Subrapadam ticket online. You can pick it up online after reading this article in its entirety.

TTD Suprabhatam Seva Ticket Booking
TTD Suprabhatam Seva Ticket Booking

What is TTD Lucky Dip Suprabhatam

Many people around the world are eager to see Tirupati Balaji Perumal in this (Lucky Dip) Subrapadam. Once you get the lucky dip you can do the first darshan of Tirupati Perumala at 3 am. Suprabatham will be sung at Tirupati Balaji Perumal Temple gate from 3:00 am to 3:30 am. At this time you can listen to Suprapadam and see Tirupati Balaji well.

When is TTD Suprabhatam Ticket Open Online

The desire of most pilgrims is to book this Lucky Dip Suprabatham ticket online. Online Tickets will be open from Tirupati Devasthanam only once a year i.e. once in 180 days. If you want to book this Suprapadam ticket online you should check the official website every day from morning till night whenever you have time.

What is the ticket price for TTD Suprabhatam Seva?

TTD Suprabhatam Seva ticket price is 120 rupees. A maximum of two persons can attend Seva using one ticket.

How to Book TTD Electronic Luck dip Suprabhatam Ticket Online

Suprabatha Seva Online Booking Procedure

  1. Visit and login to
  1. The home screen is available to you as shown below. Click on Seva Electronic DIP
  1. Read all the instructions in it and then tick “I have read and agree to the instruction” below. Next, click on the Continue option.
  1. Enter their details of the pilgrimage carefully so you can book tickets for two people at once.It is mandatory to enter the Aadhar Card or Voter ID number approved by the Government. When you go to Darshan, you must carry the photo ID proof of your choice. Next, give the continue option below
  1. seva are given two options or they can choose “any service any date” or “seva / date”.
  • Any Seva Any Day – Dip System will auto allocate tickets to any of the below seva for any date.
  • Select Seva / Date – You can also select your preferred seva and date.
  • After selecting the date that is convenient for you, click on the “× option” above and close it. Next, click on the Continue option.
  1. Now the many seva you have selected will be displayed here. Choose one of your favorite Seva. Next, click on the Continue option.
  1. Then the ID for Suprapadam will be displayed. Keep this in mind without forgetting.
  1. Lucky Dip Selection Date will be published and SMS will be sent to the mobile number and email of the selected pilgrims.


You can search using any of the following

  • Form ID (Submission ID)
  • Mobile Number
  • Aadhaar Card
  • Passport
  1. If your name is on the list you can tie up the money within 3 days and attend the Suprabadam event

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How do I get TTD Suprabhatam Ticket ?

Usually, the Suprabatha ticket has to be applied online. It is only available once a year.  The date for this will be announced by TTD Devasthanam.

TTD Suprabhatam Online Booking Open Date and Time

The date will be officially released one month in advance from the TTD Devasthanam side. Online booking is open at exactly 11 am. This ticket usually sells out in at least 15 minutes to 20 minutes.

TTD Helpline Number

Tirupati Devasthanam solves all your doubts by contacting the number below.

Toll Free no.18004254141.

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