What is Tango App? How To Earn Money By Streaming Tango Live

Tango video call apk download There are many ways on the internet that can be used to earn money, but live streaming is a very simple and easy way to earn money from the internet in no time, although there are many apps for live streaming. available on the internet

And I am going to tell about an app named Tango App in this article, Tango is a very amazing app, in which boys and girls do live video streaming, anyone can come live in it, just for this you have to use this app. It is required to create an account.

Tango video call apk download
Tango video call apk download

What is Tango App? tango joe live video streaming apps

Tango app is a live video streaming app in which boys and girls can come live and show their talent to other people, in this they can meet new people and make friends with them.

This is a very simple and good way to become famous, apart from this, money can also be earned, although there are many other apps available on the internet for live video streaming, but only a few of them work properly. Yes, in Tingo app users get the option to do live video streaming and broadcast

If you have any talent which you want to share with more and more people like you can do well in Singing, dancing, cooking, traveling, gaming etc. then you can tell your talent by coming live on Live Tango. ,
Many people search for apps to talk to girls, how to do live video chat with girls, then you can do this through tango app,

Here you get the broads of many people, on which many boys and girls live live, you can chat through their comment box, there is also an option with followers.

By using which you can follow new people in Tango App, and can also make new friends, in this dual broadcast option is also available to the users.

By using which people can broadcast dual with their friends and there are many other options like in this you can meet new people.

And can talk with them, apart from this, if you want to search your close people who use tango app, then for this also option is available in this app, people who are from your city

And using Tingo app, you can search them and make them friends, here you can see live people of other countries along with your country and talk with them.

How to download Tango app?

Downloading Tango app is very easy, Android users can download it from Google Playstore, so far more than 100 million people have downloaded this app and its rating is 4.3, the size of this app is also very less, only 28 MB. Which you can download in any of your mobile, you can also download it from here.


How to create Tango account?

By the way, you can check live streaming in Tingo app even without creating an account, that is, you can watch someone’s broadcast by going live, but if you want to come live in this app yourself, for this it is necessary to create an account in this app,
Creating account in Tango app is very simple anyone can easily create account in this app you can register in Tango app using your google account or facebook account any social media account. For this follow the steps mentioned below.

  • First of all open the Tingo app, after that you will see the profile icon here, click on this icon.

After that you will show sign up with google, and the icon with Facebook, if you want to login with your Google account in this app, then click on the option with sign up with google.

And if you want to login to tingo app from Facebook, then click on the icon on Facebook, and here you will see the icon with your phone number, if you want to create an account in this app with your mobile number, then click on the phone icon. Click on it

  • If you choose the Google account option, then you can choose the account from which you want to login to the tango app from all the account logins in your mobile, and if you have chosen the Facebook option, then you will be asked your Facebook email and password. Will be asked to enter, and if the option with mobile number is selected, a verification code will come on your number, you can register in Tango app by filling that code.
  • After registering in Tango app, here you will start doing broad shows of all the people, from which you can visit whatever broad you like.

How to use Tango app?

Tango app which is very easy to use, for this first open the Tango app and then some options will show.

  • By clicking on the Following option, you can check your followers, you can check how many people you have followed here.
  • By clicking on the option of Coins, you can buy coins, using which you can do gifting in tango app.
  • You can chat with your friends by clicking on the chat option

You can check the feed by clicking on the option with feed.

How to do Live Video Streaming in Tango App?

  1. Live video streaming is very easy in Tango app, anyone can easily do live video streaming in this app, for this follow the steps mentioned below.
  2. After opening the Tango app, click on the live option.
  3. After opening the Tango app, click on the live option.
  4. After clicking on the Live option, it will take permission from you to record video and audio, click on allow and give permission.
  5. After this your mobile camera will open and you will be able to do live streaming on Tango.

How to video chat with friends in Tango app? create group

To chat with your friend in Tango app, after opening this app, click on the chat option, then some options will be shown here, using the add to contact option, the person who is in your mobile contact They use this app, can make them friends and can chat and call with their friends by clicking on the new chat or call option, can create a new group by clicking on the group option.

How to earn money from Tango App?

When you get more followers and fans in tango app, then more and more people visit your live streaming and if some of them like your talent, then they also do gifting, in tango app if you If more people do gifting, then money can be earned from this, by converting the points received from gifting into money, you can earn from this app.


Tango App must have been known about it, although there are many other apps for live streaming, but this is an amazing app, using which you can video chat with your friends. and can talk to them on call.

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