One Person at home has a Government job 2024

During the last Legislative Assembly elections in Tamil Nadu, the current Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, Mu Ka Stalin, had given an election promise of a government job to someone in his house. In this regard, the Tamil Nadu government has taken the first steps for this.  It is noteworthy that currently, unemployment is high across the country. So the dream of graduates with degrees in various disciplines is a government job for us.  So, in order to remember such a dream, the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu is going to start a government job scheme for a graduate in his house.  Also, check these articles for interesting information about this Scheme.

One Person at home has a Government job

The Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu had given a government job in his election promise to a person who has studied any degree.  The main objective of this scheme is that one person in a family must be in government employment.  If there is a government job, then the economy of the family will not be backward in any way.  Lakhs of people are currently working in government jobs in various fields in Tamil Nadu.  And retirement is increasing year by year. Considering this, the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu is now going to start a government job for one person in his house.

In the first phase, Tamilnadu government has introduced a new certificate called first graduate certificate for employment on the e-service website. Through this we can apply for this certificate from home.  It is noted that priority will be given when we apply for government jobs from the Tamil Nadu government using this certificate.

How to apply for the first Graduate Certificate for Employment

Below is the information on how to apply online for First Graduate Certificate for Employment Certificate.

  1. First, go to the website
  2. Register the CAN number by giving the current required details
  3. Then click on Department the option
  4. Here click on the First Graduate Certificate for Employment option
  5. Enter the required details now and save
  6. Also, upload a photo signature and other documents
  7. Pay the final payment and submit

After you complete the online application for this certificate, after it is verified by the departmental authorities, if you are eligible, the certificate will be issued to you.

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