What is Livetalk App | How to use Benefits, Live talk App Download

Live talk App Download Today we will know what is Livetalk App and Livetalk App Kaise Use Kare. How to use this App, how to download Livetalk App, as well as what are the benefits of using Livetalk App.

With the help of this article, our only aim is that we should keep you aware about the new Apps coming every day to maximum number of people.

Live talk App Download
Live talk App Download

What is Live Talk App

This App is a kind of Online Video Calling and Chatting App in which you can do video calling with your friends, family members, Love One’s and any other stranger as well as chatting with them.

All efforts have been made to make this app better high video quality calling than any other app. Also, this App is different from any other Video Calling / Chatting App.

Because in this, full care is taken of your privacy, especially the Id of the girls so that no one can take their screenshot or screen recording at the time of calling.

By using this app, you can come to magic live, as well as by using many other face stickers, you can become popular among your friends. There are many new features in this app.

To make new friends like (Boy vs Girl Live Chat, Live Broadcast, Random Video Chat Etc.). Now we will know how to download this app.

Live Talk App Download

How to Download Live Talk App

  1. First open the playstore app on your phone.
  2. Then click on the top search bar and type Livetalk.
  3. As soon as you do this search, an app named Livetalk will appear in the top search on your phone.
  4. Along with that there will be an Install button in green color, by clicking on it your download will start and the App will be automatically installed in a short while.

How to use Live Talk App

  • It is very easy to use this App. To use this app, you just need a Smart Phone, that too with Internet Connection.
  • There is no need to login / signup much in this app. Just in this you have to select your own gender and take care of some privacy settings.
  • One special thing about this app is that if you do not want to talk to the person in front of you, then you can make full use of Chat Enable.
  • Everyone’s privacy has been specially taken care of in this app, as well as if a stranger tries to take your screenshot or screen-recording during a call, then this app automatically stops it or replaces it. Replaces it with a black screen.
  • There are many filters in this App that you can use while using the Live App. There is also a special feature of this App, Blur Effect, in which as soon as the call is connected, after detecting your face, it shows Blur to the person in front.

Benefits of Live Talk App

  • The biggest advantage of this app is that it is free for all.
  • This App does not take any private data as other Apps do (Name, Number, Address, Age etc.).
  • This app does not even take any permission except camera and mic so that calling feature can work from internet.
  • While using this App, when we do our live broadcast, this App automatically detects our face and uses the sticker chosen by us or blurs that face, so that our privacy is maintained.
  • In this app, you can connect with people not only from inside your country, but also from other countries and abroad, as well as you can make them friends and chat with them.

Come with more than one friend in this app, you can talk through live video at once. The reason for this App is that keeping in view your privacy, the App should connect with more and more people and make friends.

This App is only recommended for use by people 17 years or above. This App has been updated recently and till now this App has more than 1 lakh users. The rating of this App is 3.5+, which is clearly showing that the App is neither fake nor a scam that steals your data.

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