How to Meet New People & Hook Up Using the Badoo Dating App

Badoo Dating App Users of iOS and Android devices may download the well-known and free dating app Badoo. It’s a fantastic method to communicate and make new friends. Here is a guide on using Badoo to meet people for a date or a hookup.

Badoo Dating App
Badoo Dating App

Download Badoo Dating App

Download the Badoo dating app from the Play Store and App Store. Open the app when it has downloaded and register an account. Your email address, name, birthdate, gender, and whether you’re using the app for dating, making new friends, or talking will be required information.

Badoo Dating App Create Profile

It would be easier for you to meet other Badoo Dating App members if you create a profile. You may describe your search criteria and add photographs, videos, and other media by establishing a profile. By touching on the ellipsis icon in the upper left corner and then your name, you can view your profile. By selecting “Profile,” you may change the remainder of your profile, including your hobbies, “about me,” “relationship status,” “appearance,” etc., by entering your phone number and Facebook account information. Filling up your profile on a mobile device could take some time. You may update your profile at and save time because Badoo has a desktop version.

Upload Photos & Create Photo Albums

Uploading photographs and videos makes it simple to display your individuality. Tap on “Add images of you” to change your photos. You may upload photographs from your Facebook or Instagram accounts, as well as from previously taken images or brand-new ones. The “Photos of You” album has a 500 photo maximum. The option to create an album is also available.

It’s simple to manage album comments onBadoo Dating App. Simply pick who you wish to comment on your images and films by going to profile settings, photos, and videos. Once you’ve made the required adjustments, make sure to click “Save.”

Search For People Nearby

The “People Adjacent” option allows you to view Badoo users in your neighbourhood and nearby cities. You may search for people depending on their gender, age, and location by selecting the filter button in the upper right corner. Additionally, Badoo has a sophisticated search function that allows users to look for particular terms based on their relationship status, gender preference, body type, and star sign.

Badoo Dating App Start Chatting

You must verify your Facebook account or cellphone number before you can start a chat with someone.

Simply visit the profile of the person you want to communicate with and select “Chat.” By clicking the ellipsis in the upper-left corner and selecting “Messages,” you may check your messages. Additionally, there is a tool that allows you to block potential harassers.

See Who Liked You

Simply press the ellipsis in the upper-left corner of your profile and click “Liked You” beneath your connections to discover who liked your profile.

Rate Photos

If you discover someone whose photo piques your curiosity, you can quickly rate it by hitting the “Rate this photo” button in the lower right corner of the image.

Buy Badoo Dating App Super Powers

While signing up for Badoo is free, buying Badoo Super Powers can help you attract attention and individuals more rapidly. With the help of Badoo Super Powers, you can easily check who wants to meet you, who likes you the best, communicate with well-known Badoo users, advertise your messages, and find out who has marked you as a favourite. Super Powers are available for one, three, six, and twelve months. While Badoo does provide you the ability to test out Super Powers before purchasing a subscription, you can only do so by SMS for a limited time. You may pay for Super Powers using a credit card, PayPal, or SMS.

Take Advantage of Premium Features Rise Up and Spotlight

Even while Badoo is a free dating site, it does have a few paid features like Rise Up and Spotlight that help you stand out and draw more attention. With Spotlight, you may put your photo at the top of the page so that passersby can see it. With Rise Up, your profile will be visible at the top of the list of search results for local users.

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