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Heyy Live Video Chat App I’ve just going to introduce you to a great video call app right now. Yes, I understand your interest we are about to see this article about Heyy Live Video Chat App. With this app, you can find your favorite beautiful Girls or Boy’s friends as you wish. You can talk Random Video Chat every day for free using this app. Usually, different people in the world now want to spend more time on social media in that way if you use this app you will spend time very happily. And he has given the details about this Hayy app in this article so we ask you to read the full article.

Heyy Live Video Chat App
Heyy Live Video Chat App

Heyy Live Video Chat App

With this Heyy Video Chat Apk, you can chat live videos with new friends. And since this app is completely free, different people are using it. Using this app, various friends are looking for the boyfriend or girlfriend they want. Yes in this world now it has become an important task for us to have male or female friends because they need a good friend to comfort them by telling them about a few hardships that are on their minds. And you can use this app for free 24 hours a day so you can video chat with your favorite cute friends.

How to Download Heyy Video Chat App

Available on Google Play Store for Heyy Live Video Chat Apk. According to the Google Play Store people usually, only give security for use so we can say that this is very secure. Below we have listed the details of downloading this app.

  • First, go to Google Play Store
  • Search Heyy
  • Make sure the app logo
  • Click the Install button
  • The app is now successfully installed on your mobile

How to Use Heyy Live Video Chat App

There are a few restrictions on using the Amazon Video Call app after you have successfully installed it on your mobile. We have listed below how to use it and you can use it after you have read it in its entirety.

  1. Open the installed Heyy Video Chat apk
  2. Agree on the terms and conditions of the Heyy App
  3. Sign up with a Facebook or Google account
  4. Next Enter only the nickname Date of Birth
  5. Select Your Gender
  6. Next, click on the Live around the World with Strangers button
  7. A new friend you do not know is currently video chatting with you

Features of Heyy Live Video Chat App

It acts as a social media. In it, you will find a variety of your favorite friends every day by video chatting. Free video chat for free This app gives you free video visits in these very questionable times. Users who use this app say that I get rid of my stress through this app.

About the Heyy App

App NameHeyy App
DeveloperKala Pte Ltd
Available in Google Play StoreYes

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