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Delete Photo Recover App A photo deleted 10 years ago on mobile can now be recovered in a very simple way. In the current situation, everyone has a mobile phone, so wherever we go, we take a photo and not only that, we also take photos of important certificate documents and keep them safely in our mobile phones. But if it gets deleted unexpectedly we will have a lot of trouble to recover it. Although there are tons of photo recovery apps on Google Play Store to recover it, not all of them work. I am going to introduce you an app that you can use to recover photos.\

Delete Photo Recover App
Delete Photo Recover App

Delete Photo Recover App

By using Deleted Photo Recover app we can recover deleted photos on mobile in a very simple way. Since this is a completely free app, you can use it for free to recover your deleted photos. Your personal photos, photos taken with friends, photos taken at events and documents, etc. If any photos are deleted from your phone, you can now recover them in a very simple way using this app.

How to Download Delete Photo Recover App

Follow the steps below to delete and install the recovery app on your phone

  1. Go to Google Play Store
  2. Search for Deleted Photo Recover
  3. After confirming the app install it
  4. It is now successfully installed on your phone


How to Use Delete Photo Recover App

We have given below how to use Deleted Photo Recover app so you can handle it in a very simple way.

  • Open the installed app
  • Allow all the Parmesan
  • Click the Start button
  • Click the Recover button
  • Now all the deleted photos in your mobile are recovered
  • The recovery will be complete
  • Then select the desired photo and save it in the gallery


Deleted photo recovery app is available in google play store so all friends are using it and it is very popular app. With this you can recover all your recently deleted photos or 10 years ago with one click. Although there are many deleted photo recovery apps available on Google Play Store, this app has a very good feature and it has a very easy to use design.

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